Sunday, November 30, 2008

holiday gift guide- kidrobot

If you want these cool toys head on over to
These awesome toys look great and can lighten up any room!
All of their items, (clothes, toys, etc.) are made from different designers, allowing a variety of great designs. PLUS! Kidrobot made their first clothing line last summer/spring! It's absolutely breathtaking. Tip, get the shoes fast. They run by quickly. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

holiday gift guide- threadless

Buy a cool shirt for your loved one at :
Threadless thrives on emerging designers from pretty much any location. Their designs are picked by the community and bought by the community. Democracy! Smart, huh?
They have all sizes and colors so you can customize it for you. Shirts are updated frequently allowing you to choose the best one!

Friday, November 28, 2008

holiday gift guide- smencils

Ohhh. How I miss Smencils. Man! They smell goood. I bought a couple of these for my friend's fundraiser. They have around 10 different aromas plus cases to preserve the smell. Cherry, Root Beer, an more! Yum! I'm telling you. Buy 'em!
Good for fundraisers if you want to raise money for an organization!

holiday gift guide part 2- mimonotb

Yep. Another installation of le Holiday Gift Guide. I would like to feature Mimobots. They are pretty much designer flash drives. A perfect way to look professional and stylish. I do warn they can get pricey but it's worth having amazing art and storing about 8 gigs. Oh yeah! I almost forgot, they have different artists make these so just search around. You'll be surprised how cool they are!
Have fun shopping!

holiday gift guide- laas

If you want one of these head over to
She has wonderful stocking stuffers and great gifts for anyone. I will be getting myself one for Christmas!
Chelsea, the creator, has been featured several times for her outstanding plushies, bags, coin purses, etc. They are truly overwhelming.
If you want to get a nice stuffed animal don't go for a disgusting MADE IN CHINA toy. Go for handmade and handsewn!

Macy's Day Rickroll

Wow. I didn't watch the Macy's Day Parade and I'm glad I didn't but I did see a wondeful clip of the Foster's Home for Imaginary friends float. It's really cooool. I wonder who makes those floats. They're genius. Here's the clip:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

cool jewelry

Just breathtaking (an money-taking) jewelry. Man! Jewelry isn't even my thing (I'm a guy) but this amazing.

Monday, November 24, 2008

featured artist: tokyo police club

I've recently heard Tokyo Police Club's music and now love it. Strong recommendation. Strong.

laptops #2

Sweet notebooks from Dell designed by Mike Ming. I want one. (For guys and girls!)
About like $650? Question mark?
You can find more designs at the Dell website. Some really cool, some not so much.

hp for women

I'm impressed. This laptop from Vivienne Tam looks amazing. If you've got a spare $700, buy it!
(Sorry guys, it's not for us! Besides, we'll get a cooler one anyway.)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

odd movie fashion

I know this is a terrible image and it has poor quality but I would just like to say that this image has made me think. It has such an odd fashion and it has that "pop" feel towards it it just interests me. BTW, it's from High School Musical 3. Yeah, I know. Don't have to tell me.


The IT! is Deezer because when I'm at the library or my friends' house, I want to listen to my music. Yeah!

toast to life

Toast to life commercial. Addicitng. There's a new one but I just can't find it on the web.

I think it's for Korbel or something. If you want the song to download, it's The Mating Game by Bitter: Sweet.

The IT! is Nitrome. If you have not played their games now's the time to start. They are the most creative games I've ever seen. The games are updated almost every two weeks and somehow surprise me every time. These games are not the traditional boring tic-tac toe kinda games. They are innovative, well constructed, and impecibly designed! Check it out today!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


A toast to Tegaki E
The blog with all the drawing style!
Seriously, it's addicting. With comments and posts and icons and about me pages, you'll be trapped in a realm of cartoons and humor. Cheers!

things you gotta bring with you

I've realized, I have needed all these items so many times but have never had them. So, I'm telling you before you forget. Burt's bees. Chapped lips don't suffice. Ipod. Never know when you wanna rock out. Tide to Go. Stains don't stick with me. They gotta go.


Yay! Another IT! has come and now it's iGoogle! Stay on top of fav. blogs watch tv, listen to radio, check your e-mail, use it as a free flash-drive, chat with your friends and more with this fresh personalized page. Sweet!

P.S. Want to show us some cool stuff? Well send it in to!


It is a one-of-a-kind cool website finder majigy. For the first IT! ever, I proudly announce the cool website is
You can view your favorite shows and movies on this one-of-akind site. Make an account for free and you can subscribe to shows and have them automatically alert you when a new episode comes out.